Zion's shuttles are environmentally friendly!

Shuttle buses in ZionThe shuttle bus system at Zion National Park carries over 3 million passengers each season with its fleet of 32 buses and 21 passenger trailers.

Zion’s buses carry an average of over 100 passengers on each round trip operated along the scenic canyon drive in Zion National Park, thereby replacing more than 30 passenger vehicles per bus trip. This results in 5,000 fewer passenger vehicles traveling through Zion’s scenic canyon each day and a reduction of over 5 million pounds of CO2 ¬†emissions in Zion National Park each year!

Weeping Rock Stop

The buses are very energy efficient as well, requiring less than 1,000 BTU’s to carry each passenger one mile. This is far less that the 3,553 BTU’s per passenger mile required by passenger vehicles on average (U. S. DOT 2005 Transportation Statistical Report).

The shuttle bus fleet is powered by clean burning propane fuel. The propane-powered buses not only burn much cleaner than comparable gasoline or diesel vehicles, but are also much less expensive in fuel cost for the park service to operate.

All in all the shuttle bus system at  Zion National Park offers a very economical, clean and energy efficient means of transportation for millions of visitors to Zion National Park.

Driftwood Shuttle Stop